The Intro Post

19 01 2009

I hate doing these. I am so bad about introducing myself or summarizing or whatever.

Me and my darling wife-to-be (still waiting for legal marriage in Florida!) are in the process of trying to have a baby. We are going to both be using this blog as a way to document the whole process to share it with other gay couples who are trying to conceive as well as having it as a keepsake for when our little one (or ones) are all grown up so they can see what we went through to have them!

We have been TTC (trying to conceive for those who aren’t used to the terms) for over a year on and off using known donors. I am carrying the baby but she may carry future children. This whole process is like a huge emotional roller coaster. You are on the top of the world when you are waiting to test and see if this month is the month when it actually works and then it’s so sad to get a negative pregnancy test. We had an early miscarriage one of our first few tries which was heartbreaking but we keep on going. We both want several children and can’t wait to start growing our little family. Right now it is just us and our newest additions to the family, two 8 week old kittens that we adopted. We can’t wait to have a child of our own.




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